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Careers in Mathematics and Statistics


There are many excellent careers available to anyone with a degree in mathematics or statistics. Many of former students are teachers (from grade school through graduate school). We have had several students major in mathematics in preparation for law school. Our students have also been very successful in entering graduate school.


Below is a sample of the many sites with career information for mathematics and statistics with a brief quote from each.


Mathematical Sciences Career Information

Have you ever wondered what a mathematician working in industry or the government does all day? You can look in the Archives at an alphabetical listing of over 90 career profiles of mathematicians working in nonacademic positions.


Careers in Mathematics

The college graduate with a bachelor's degree in mathematics can qualify for a broad range of highly paid positions in business, industry, government, and teaching. Companies in the computer and communications industries employ many mathematicians, as do oil companies, banks, insurance companies, and consulting firms.


Careers in Applied Mathematics

Mathematics has burst the old boundaries that limited what an engineer could design, a scientist could know, or an executive could manage. Subtle interactions, masses of data, and complex systems are all within the scope of the tools and ideas of applied mathematics.


Careers in Statistics

Data are not just numbers, but numbers that carry information about a specific setting and need to be interpreted in that setting. With this growth in the use of data comes a growing demand for the services of statisticians, who are experts in: producing trustworthy data, analyzing data to make their meaning clear, and drawing practical conclusions from data.


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