Research in Mathematics and Statistics at UT Martin

424 Humanities Building

209 Hurt Street

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7360

Chair: Thomas E. Eskew


Research in Mathematics and Statistics at UT Martin


Many of the UT Martin mathematics and statistics faculty members are active in research. Some current areas include:


Chris K. Caldwell

computational prime number theory


John Cochran

Differential Equations and Modeling


Jason DeVito

Compact Lie groups, Isometric group actions on Riemannian manifolds


Steve Elliott

simple homotopy theory


Louis W. Kolitsch

number theory / partition theory (specifically Frobenius partitions)


Stephanie Kolitsch

approximations in p-adic fields


Curtis Kunkel

Ordinary Differential Equations, Difference Equations, Integral Equations, Time Scales, Functional Analysis


Desireé McCullough

ranking and selection procedures, Birnbaum-Saunders fatigue life distribution, statistical computing/consulting


Amanda Niedzialomski

combinatorics, graph theory, graph labeling


Robert Niedzialomski

positive definite functions, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, geometry of metric measure and discrete spaces.


John Schommer

set-theoretic topology


Justin R. Sims

time series analysis, semiparametric regression, statistical paleoclimate reconstructions, statistical consulting


Brian Wagner

combinatorics, graph theory, decompositions of graphs & digraphs, connectivity properties of graphs



Listed below are web pages associated with the academic interests of some of the UT Martin mathematics faculty.

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