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What is Sport Business?

As the title implies, Sport Business is the application of business concepts and principles to the sport industry. Whether it is management and leadership, economics and finance, or marketing and sales, there is a unique application for all of these in the sport industry. Sport Business professionals are needed across a broad spectrum of organizations - from professional leagues and franchises to youth sport organizations, from concession sales to ticket and merchandise sales, and from large, national governing bodies to local sport commissions.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management and a concentration in Sport Business is designed to prepare you for a career within the highly competitive sport industry. In addition to the classroom, you will have an opportunity to develop "real-world" skills through our many experiential learning opportunities. These include working directly with the UTM Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, an amateur golf tour's national championship, NCAA events and the Super Bowl.

Management Major Student Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the global aspects of business, the ethical aspects of business, effective critical thinking skills, effective verbal and written communication skills, the business core, and competence in management.

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